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Morgane Bellaiche, managing editor

A 27-year-old Franco-Israeli citizen, Morgane began training as a journalist after studying international relations. For many years, she studied the major geopolitical dynamics that have shaken Europe, Africa and Asia. She is currently directing her career towards the press, but also towards consulting.


Julie Boulet, editor-in-chief

A Franco-German student in her final year studying international relations at ILERI, Julie worked as a journalist for La Vie and WorldCrunch before becoming the editor-in-chief of Illicit Trade.


Guillaume Goudreau, editor

Guillaume is a graduate of international relations from ILERI Paris, with 3 years experience researching issues of terrorism, trafficking and counterfeiting. He joined Illicit Trade as editor of the English language vertical, where he is in charge of growing the site’s reach and community.



Matúš Tóth, journalist

Originally from Bratislava, where he majored in journalism, Matus is currently based in Brussels. Before joining Illicit Trade in early December, he worked as an analyst, advising clients on issues of corruption and counterfeiting in Central Europe. He is fluent in five languages and is in charge of Illicit Trade’s emerging markets coverage.


Lynne Finney, journalist

Lynne is an Australian researcher, specialized in issues of human trafficking in Africa and Southeast Asia. She has lived on three continents, and has worked as a volunteer, working with refugees in Ethiopia, Djibouti and Thailand. She holds a degree in International Development from the University of Canberra.


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