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smuggling dozens of gerbils
Articles2 months ago

Customs officers in Taiwan catch woman smuggling dozens of gerbils strapped to her legs

Australian police arrest Malaysian flight attendants
Articles2 months ago

Australian police arrest Malaysian flight attendants accused of helping drugs gang smuggle heroin and crystal meth

‘Big Mac’ trademark
Others2 months ago

EU Intellectual Property Office strips McDonald’s of ‘Big Mac’ trademark after battle with small Irish rival

sham marriage conspiracy
Articles2 months ago

Police in Belgium and Portugal dismantle organised crime gang behind sham marriage conspiracy

sentencing to death of Canadian man
Articles2 months ago

Trudeau slams death sentence for Canadian man convicted of smuggling methamphetamine in China

jihadists being smuggled into Europe
Opinion2 months ago

The fact that stories about jihadists being trafficked into Europe do not make headline news is deeply troubling

Pablo Escobar of egg theft
Articles2 months ago

‘Pablo Escobar of egg theft’ jailed for attempting to smuggle rare bird species into UK

Armenian tennis match-fixing gang
Articles2 months ago

Armenian tennis match-fixing gang brought down during Europol-backed operation in Spain

Italian police smash smuggling network
Articles2 months ago

Italian police smash smuggling network suspected of trafficking Islamist extremists into Europe

social justice enthusiasts
Opinion2 months ago

The crime and exploitation social justice enthusiasts appear happy to ignore

puppy smuggling
Articles2 months ago

Scottish criminals can now make as much money from puppy smuggling as drug dealing, charity warns

clemency to sex trafficking victim
Articles2 months ago

Tennessee governor grants clemency to sex trafficking victim convicted of murder as teenager

puppy smuggling
Articles3 months ago

Chinese police break up gang behind bogus Dyson hair dryer conspiracy

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